Reader: International Business Management

Kategorie: Betriebswirtschaft

Compiled by:

Jacqueline Bürki & Daniel Foord / BFH Business School

Selected chapters from:

- International Business: The New Realities / Fifth Edition and Global Edition

   by S. Tamer Cavusgil, Gary Knight and John R. Riesenberger / Pearson Education 2020

- International Business / Eighth Edition

   by Simon Collinson, Rajneesh Narula and Alan M. Rugman / Pearson Education 2020

© Pearson Education 2022

BFH Bern University of Applied Sciences

530 pages, paperback


Reader zum BFH-Kurs HS21

BIBM - International Business Management - BWBH002
Lectures: Ivan Al-Azm, Jacqueline Bürki, Daniel Foord

Part 1: Foundation Concepts

Introduction: What is International Business?
Globalization of Markets and the Internationalization of the Firm
Part 2: The Environment of International Business

The Cultural Environment of International Business
Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Governance in International Business
Theories of International Trade and Investment
Political and Legal Systems in National Environments
Government Intervention and Regional Economic Integration
Understanding Emerging Markets
Part 3: Strategy and Opportunity Assessment

Strategy and Organization in the International Firm
Global Market Opportunity Assessment
Part 4: Entering and Working in International Markets

Exporting and Global Sourcing
Licensing, Franchising, and Other Contractual Strategies
Part 5: Regional Strategies

European Union
North America
Emerging Economies

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